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#12 | Jarda Nemec


“Can I see how you do it?” He asked. Then he became one of them.

Jarda Němec, a headhunter and a consultant for Egon Zehnder.

An ordinary boy from Litvínov; a hockey player, of course.

And a scientist. At least based on his PhD diploma.

29. 4. 2021
61 minut
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He started his career as a manager at PwC. Being around 30 years old he was one of the oldest.

Then he moved to work for O2.

Then came a long journey at Microsoft. As a Finance Lead in CEE HQ he was responsible for more than 25 countries with over 1B$ revenue, coordinating activities among Microsoft subsidiaries and HQ in Redmond.

And, finally, he bid his faraway to Microsoft and joined Egon Zehnder and a totally different industry - headhunting.

 “You are not a typical CFO, you are only wasting your time,” they used to say.

And they were right.


Listen the story about headhunting a headhunter!


  • What should you do to become the headhunted?
  • How a lazy student becomes one of the most successful professionals.
  • What was Jarda’s best decision of his life.
  • Why he considers any interviews to be more like a conversation between two people; rather than a hiring process.
  • Why he did not headhunt anybody for the Czech government. Yet.



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