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COO, Ballmer Group

Brandt is running Steve Ballmer’s org – the world’s 13th richest man. What did Steve offer him to make him quit Microsoft?


Co-host: Andrej Kiska mladší, Partner at Credo Ventures
12. 11. 2020
45 minut
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“You know, when Steve called me and asked me if we could catch up and have a lunch, I said “sure, let’s catch up.”

“There I learned he wanted somebody to help him run his endeavors and also help him with his little fun project that he has just purchased – the NBA team LA Clippers. That “somebody” was me.

This is a unique podcast as I believe this is the first time where three alumni from the University of Virginia meet for a discussion at a podcast. Brandt, UVA 1999. Michal, UVA 2008. Andrej, UVA 2009. And boy, did he have an interesting chat.

For those of you from UVA, yes, we talked about streaking the lawn as well. Brandt had a successful career in Microsoft (making it as a partner) when he was asked by Steve Ballmer to quite Microsoft and join his group. Not only to join, but also take care of it!

Listen to this great podcast to learn:

  • What did Steve offer Brandt to make him quit Microsoft?
  • How was it to set up a brand new office for the Ballmer group?
  • Has he ever thrown a chair at anybody?
  • What is Steve and Bill (Gates) cooking now?
  • Why did Steve buy the Clippers?
  • Why it took Brandt 6 weeks to set up the internet service (yes, even that) for the Group?
  • Has Brandt ever regretted quitting Microsoft?

Basically how is it to work for the 11th richest man in the world?

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