Just reading: LASER FOCUS. Have it!!!
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LASER FOCUS. Have it!!!

People hate me for that look.
They say I look upset.
They say they are worried.

9. 6. 2021
2 minutes of reading
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🔻 This is the Wall Street look.
🔻 This is the Microsoft HQ look.
🔻 This is the hockey player look.
🔻 This is me entering a war room.
🔻 This is when I identify a target.
🔻 THE answer I want.

🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻And I go for it.

"No, Mr. President, I am not asking you that. I am asking you where did the idea of becoming the president of Slovakia originated??"
"Well, Michal, in my shower".

"OK! That's what I want! Thank you!!"

Go get what you want. Focus. No distraction.

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