Just reading: #9 | Vesa-Pekka Kirsi
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#9 | Vesa-Pekka Kirsi

CVP, Alma Media

Another headhunted executive, Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, reveals how he was headhunted to Alma Media and what were the key factors that made him decide to say “YES.”

Co-host: Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, Head of Analytics, LMC
14. 1. 2021
46 minutes
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“Rather than to choose a dream company I would work for, I would prefer choosing the dream people I would work with.”

…visions and debates Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, senior Vice President, Head of Alma Markets (part of Alma Media Company that owns among other companies LMC, Monster CZ, Profesia etc.), a former Fonecta executive, and a former Head of Nokia Games Publishing.

We interviewed Vesku, as he is called in Alma, together with Ervín Dombrovský, Head of analytics at LMC.

To get Vesku to our podcast was a difficult task and it took us some time. Vesku and public visibility are far from being close friends but we have headhunted him with a strong precision 🙂

We discussed topics like what made him join Alma in 2019, what challenges he faced in 2020, what could be the future of recruitment in the coming years and so on.No matter what, Vesku stays firmly and the ground and says: “I’m really happy where I’m at the moment!”


  • How was he found by a headhunter and how did he feel after the call?
  • What made him decide to go through the interview process?
  • What made him accept the final offer?
  • What’s a million Euro question in terms of innovations for him?
  • How did he face the unexpected changes in business brought about by 2020?
  • How will 2021 and years ahead change the recruiting business?
  • How do we cope with work when nobody is in the office?
  • What is his favorite Nokia game on the phone and is it possible to finish it?


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