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Chief of Communication, Coca Cola

For 10 years, Steve was driving CEOs and CxOs communication for Coca Coca Worldwide shaping C-suites executives brands.

14. 10. 2020
53 minut
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“ We make sure we are getting the best talent regardless of ethical background, gender, religion and so on”

…Steve talks about choosing the best talent stating that “chauvinism has no longer a place in the current world”.

I am super excited to have Steve Soltis as a guest of the third episode of the HEADHUNTED. Steve was a Chief of Communication at Coca Cola working for its CEO Muhtar Kent, and now he is a Executive-in-residence at my alma mater – University of Virginia.

We had a great chat not only about Coca Cola but we also spent half of the time talking about personal branding and its importance.


  • How was it to work for Muhtar Kent, a global executive?
  • What was the first thing he focused on with Muhtar forming Coca Cola communication strategy?
  • How he contributed towards Muhtar’s 2020 vision to double revenue and double volume?
  • How is it to be drafting communication plans for not only all Coca’s customers but also for its 350 000 employees?
  • Why did he leave Coca Cola?
  • How important are critical influencers?


  • What Steve thinks about Jane Fraser as the new CEO as female of Citibank
  • That you don’t have to be Jeff Bezos as a public person but what you have to be is a CEO ambassador
  • That as a CEO you are in essence the chief communication officer
  • That overexposure can kill a CEO with employees, with customers and most importantly with the board

Not only that but much more you will learn if you listen to the third episode of the HEADHUNTED podcast.

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