Just reading: #13 | Greg Savage
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#13 | Greg Savage

Recruiter / Headhunter / Influencer / Industry Expert

A few months ago I was reading the Savage Truth book by Greg Savage. And I was like .. "hey, let's have Greg for the Headhunted Podcast!"

Remember: you don't get anything unless you ask.

I did ask. He did agree. 😀

13. 5. 2021
45 minutes
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The living legend of the #recruitment industry!

In the next episode of our podcast we are bringing you the one and only: Greg Savage

Greg has done and seen it all. At least in recruitment.

⛅️ Greg has been thru a lot of recessions but he has never experienced an opportunity of such magnitude. 

🎤 Listen to this podcast to hear about what’s the most important in recruiting.

🏆 Listen to this podcast to learn why does this covid era provide everybody with the utmost opportunity to come out strong and victorious.



✔️ How does Greg see the future of recruiting?

✔️ What's happening in the recruiting market? What to do with candidates‘ „ghosting“?

✔️ Where and how to find the right talent?

✔️ What does Greg think about job boards?

✔️ How will machines help us source and find the right people?

✔️ What is the current state of recruitment in the Covid time?

✔️ How to be successful during these times and how to come out victorious?

✔️ What type of a candidate would Greg like to place? What client would he love to work for?

🎤 🎧 Enjoy the podcast with the one and only – the living legend of recruitment: Greg Savage.


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