Just reading: #14 | Violeta Luca
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#14 | Violeta Luca

General Manager, Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia

“I became a manager when I was almost 21 and I had a team of 40 people, all of them older than me and it was a journey to learn how to deal with that.”

Another truly captivating podcast with an inspiring guest - the new General Manager of Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia – Violeta Luka. Brace yourself for this interesting story of this extraordinary woman - she has many impressive results behind herself!

27. 5. 2021
45 minutes
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She served as GM of Microsoft Romania for the past two years. As a leader, she has an extensive track record in enabling double-digits business growth, transforming business models, driving regional expansion and new market opportunities, and building strategic partnerships and enhancing customer experience.

She was included in TOP 100 CEOs and Forbes TOP 50 Most Powerful Businesswomen in Romania. Under her leadership, Microsoft Romania became Employer no. 1.

“I was raised in a family in which my parents taught me that what is really important is to be very good at what you do, to grow and learn all the time, to surround yourself with capable and trusted people (…) and then the rewards will come in time. I learned also that there are no shortcuts…”

“I prioritize people because I believe that real leadership is not about glorious crowning acts, it is about keeping your team focused on goals and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high, and consequences really matter.”

Listen to a genuinely inspiring career journey of Violeta.


  • How was she approached regarding this career opportunity and how did she feel about it?
  • How she sees the difference in relocating during Covid-19 pandemic in comparison to the past and how it influenced her decision?
  • What question asked by her boss surprised Violeta right after she moved to Prague?
  • How does she perceive a gender gap and what is her belief?
  • How does she time-manage her activities to balance her work and personal lives?
  • What was her interview and onboarding process like in terms of online tools and technologies and how has it changed in comparison to the pre-covid era?
  • How to best support and lead people in remote-work regime and hybrid work model?
  • How does she see the development and Czech & Slovakian market?
  • How does she deal with covid-era remote leadership of her teams?
  • What are her plans for Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia?
  • What dream company would she like to manage if she had the opportunity?

… and many more!

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